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    Gardeners Almanac

    The Gardener's Almanac - Timely Tips for the Yard and Garden

    Gardener's Almanac

    Gardeners Almanac

    The timing of tasks to be done in the landscape and garden depends on the types of plants grown, their uses and seasonal changes. Turfgrass, the most common denominator in the landscape, is grown for outdoor play and recreation while the various trees and shrubs add shade, privacy and aesthetic value. Fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the garden add to a healthy diet, and annuals and perennials help bring color and cheer to any landscape. Spending time in the landscape and garden can be a most rewarding outdoor activity. In turn, it can also be frustrating when plants do not perform as expected.

    There are various factors that affect how these landscape and garden plants grow. In the Intermountain West region, a high mountain desert, weather patterns influence not only plants and their development, but also insect pests and diseases. The following information is a calendar-based approach to help home gardeners with proper timing of yard and garden-related tasks and activities that promote healthy plants and assist the home gardener in finding more success than frustration. After all, gardening is to be enjoyed. Visit GardenersAlmanac.usu.edu for more information.

    • Peruse garden/seed catalogues to help determine new and exciting vegetable varieties to try in the garden.
    • Plan out and design the vegetable garden--try to implement crop rotations of vegetable families to reduce disease buildup.
    • Consider growing herbs and/or microgreens indoors to add fresh greens to your diet.
    • Use deicing compounds sparingly to avoid salt damage to landscape plants.
    • If storing bulbs, check the bulbs' condition to ensure they are firm and remove any soft or rotten bulbs.
    • Perform routine maintenance on lawn mowers and other small engine garden equipment.
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    JayDee Gunnell – Extension Associate Professor – Salt Lake County
    Jerry Goodspeed – Director, USU Botanical Center – Kaysville, Utah
    Britney Hunter – Extension Assistant Professor    Davis County

    Contributing Authors

    Diana Alson Extension Specialist
    Taun Beddes Extension Associate Professor
    Brent Black Extension Fruit Specialist
    Mike Caron Extension Assistant Professor
    Dan Drost Extension Vegetable Specialist
    Kelly Kopp Extension Turfgrass Specialist
    Marion Murray IPM Project Leader
    Mike Pace Extension Professor, Box Elder
    Ricardo Ramirez Entomology Specialist
    Larry Rupp Extension Horticulture Specialist